Rosario La Tremendita

Is considered by critics as the most personal and interesting artist of contemporary flamenco. La Tremendita is not just a cantaora: besides singing almost from the cradle, Rosario is a composer, producer, lyricist and multi-instrumentalist. And above all she is a nonconformist: her concern for musical research has made her the great innovator of today’s flamenco and an icon of the new times of flamenco. Born in a Trianera cantaora house and trained in solfeo and piano, La Tremendita has strived to study tradition always with respect, but also with an unstoppable research and renovation. Flamenco, no doubt, but of the 21st century. To his very personal voice, Rosario La Tremendita adds his interpretive talent (accompanied by the guitar, the electric bass or the kalimba) and composing assuming the challenge of formulating new melodies for singing.


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