José Enrique Morente

Jose Enrique Morente is the son of the legendary Enrique Morente and the dancer Aurora Carbonell “La Pelota".

As a child, he wanted to be a bullfighter or a bassist, but finally chose to follow the family tradition. He drank from the best sources of flamenco and knows his way around its history and development.

As his father would have liked, he has wrought his own approach from within, gradually and with great sensitivity to modern trends. He is not afraid of demanding audiences, but is shy and humble in true Morente style.

He has given several mesmerising performances in Spain with guitarist Juan Habichuela (grandson), inseparable friends since childhood. He has also formed a duet with Tomatito’s son. He appears as a central figure in the production Romance de Curro el Palmo, directed by Jaume Villanueva, premiered at the Barcelona Grec.

Naturally, he always he accompanied his father at concerts and has toured extensively with his sister Estrella Morente.

On stage, "Kiki" Morente proves his knowledge of the rigour and tradition of Cante perfectly, but has the gift of seeing new possibilities and variations as his work develops.